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Tain Highland Gathering


Highland Games originated many years ago, perhaps before Roman and Pictish times when a Chief would organize competitions to find the best bodyguard, runners to act as couriers, musicians and dancers for entertainment.
These early competitions developed into "Gatherings" which were perhaps the only day out families had in a whole year. Until recently the only legal holiday in Scotland was Christmas Day.
At the Gatherings people would often find work for the  following year and the title "Gathering" was retained by some communities whilst others adopted the more modern title of "Games".

Highland Games today are devoted to preserving and promoting Scottish Culture at its best, very often being the main highlight and focus of community life.

The Games at Tain started up between the Wars but, after a few years, fell into abeyance and the last Games were in 1948, until 1993 when they were again revived by Murray Macleod and Wattie Louden.